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Changing engine oil in motorcycle – BABA AUTOMOBILE
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June 15, 2016
Changing engine oil in motorcycle
June 15, 2016

Changing engine oil in motorcycle

Changing engine oil in motorcycle


  • Put your motorcycle on centre stand.

  • First cool down your engine.

  • Locate the engine oil drain plug.



  • Put your drain pan under the bolt.

  • Use the proper drive ratchet/socket ratchet or Allen key to remove the drain plug bolt.

  • Remove the engine oil drain plug.

  • Undo and remove the oil filler plug, this allow air to enter the engine the engine more easily as the oil drains and so the oil will drain more quickly.

  • Leave the drain plug /oil filter out for some time, it’s surprising how long oil will continue to drip for, you put your side stand for a while which helps oil drain from ‘nooks and crannies’ within the engine.

  • Remove the old oil filter unscrew a few turns until oil starts to leak, leave a few moments before unscrewing a little further allowing more oil to escape, now unscrew and remove completely.


  • Clean and then reinstall the oil drain plug having fitted a new crush-washer.

  • You can get away with reusing the crush washer but for the sake of few money you’re better off buying a new one when you get your new oil filter.

  • Clean the underside the sump, wipe oil from where the oil filter locates and then install the new oil filter.

  • Pour your new engine oil slowly according to engine oil capacity, see owner manual to find capacity.

  • The oil level should show about midway in the oil level sight glass.

  • Replace the oil filler cap properly make sure the O-ring, is in place.


  • To check the oil level properly, start the engine and let it idle for a while and off now wait at least five minute and recheck it again.


  • In order to ensure that the oil level is read correctly, check the oil level only after a lengthy trip.





  • Dispose of used oil in an environmentally friendly manner.

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