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Uttarakhand Workforce Development Project (UKWDP)
Government Colleges Instructor Training ( Motor Vehicle )

Baba Automobile Pvt Ltd Provide Advanced Automobile Skill Training to Uttarakhand Government ITI Colleges Instructor Training.

Word Order from – UKWFD

Funded By – World Bank

Venue – Baba Automobile Head Office Jaipur Rajasthan

Duration – 10 Days

Trade – Motor Mechanic

The development objectives of Uttarakhand Workforce Development Project for India are to improve the quality and relevance of training at priority Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) and to increase the number of labor-market-relevant workers through short-term training in Uttarakhand. This project has three components. 1) The first component, Improving the Quality and Relevance of ITI Training, aims to (a) improve the delivery of labor-market-relevant training and (b) increase the number of graduates in labor-market- relevant trades from the ITI system. It ahs the following subcomponents: (i) Comprehensive improvement of quality and relevance of priority It is; (ii) Professional development of ITI teachers and staff; (iii) Strengthening industry linkages; and (iv) Institutional capacity development of the skills development system. 2) The second component, increasing the number of Skilled Workers through Short-term Training, aims to increase the number of workers in the labor market who have been trained under nationally recognized market-relevant trades compliant with the National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF) through short-term training conducted by the Skills Development Mission (SDM). 3) The third component, Policy and Institutional Development and Project Management, consists of technical assistance (TA) and institutional capacity development activities to support the designing and implementation of Components 1 and 2 activities and to enhance the administrative capacity of the GoUK’s skills, including the Department of Skill Development and Employment (DSDE), and the overall skills sector profile. It has the following subcomponents: (i) Technical assistance for institutional strengthening; and (ii) Monitoring and evaluation (M and E) and project management.

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