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Change motorcycle spark plug – BABA AUTOMOBILE
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June 15, 2016
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June 15, 2016

Change motorcycle spark plug

Change motorcycle spark plug

  • Motor spark plug need to be replaced in order to keep a motorcycle running efficiently.

  • Purchase new spark plug from auto part shop. See owner’s manual for perfect size of your spark plug.

  • For guaranteed safety, could disconnect the battery terminals first.

  • You don’t have to remove any parts of faring or any plastic body to get at it. Spark plug on a motorcycle should be easily accessible from either side of the bike.


  • First thing you need to do wait for the engine to cool down.


  • Locate your spark plug in your motorcycle.

  • Remove spark plug wire by lift the wire straight off the plug. Gently twist the boot until the wire comes free. Do not force the wire off because you will damage them.

  • Now remove spark plug by use a ratchet and a spark plug socket to turn the spark plug in anti-clockwise direction.

  • It is always a good idea to check the cylinder heads before you install new spark plugs anyway.

  • If the heads are dirty, give them a quick wipe with a damp cloth soaked in penetrating oil.

  • Spray a little penetrating oil over heads to stop any chance of friction developing when you screw on the new spark plugs.

  • Quick comparison old v/s new.

  • Fit a new spark plug into the old position . First screw the new spark plug in by hand until it firmly seated. Don’t force anything, cross threading on the engine block itself would be horrible.

  • Use your spark plug wrench or socket to give the spark plug a final strong turn.

  • Gently Reattached the spark plug wire. It is vitally important to put the wires back in the right sequence on engine with multiple cylinders.

  • Start your motorcycle engine and check engine and check rpm or any misfire.


  • Work is done enjoy with your motorcycle.

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