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Changing engine oil in motorcycle – BABA AUTOMOBILE
Changing engine oil in motorcycle
June 15, 2016
Air filter cleaning
June 15, 2016

Changing engine oil in motorcycle

Cleaning dirty carburettor

  • Turn off the fuel valve

  • Remove the carburettor completely from the engine
  • Open the carburettor up most small engine carburettor have a nut or a screw at the bottom of the carburettor bowl.

  • Pay close attention to the layout of the interior of the carburettor.

  • Inspect the needle to determine if it is stuck or sticking. The needle should move easily and smoothly.

  • If needle appears to be suck it needs to be cleaned. Remove it and clean it using a wire brush and either carburettor cleaning or brake cleaner.

  • Spray carburettor cleaner or brake cleaner into the fuel lines throughout the carburettor.

  • If you have carburettor test, use it to test the carburettor.

  • Reassemble the carburettor and attach it to the engine.

  • Test the engine to determine if it is functioning properly.

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