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June 22, 2016
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June 22, 2016

Oil Tips


Tip: Check your oil level when it is cold before you go on a ride. If it is not at its high or max level top it up before going out.

Regular oil and filter changes will keep your motorbike young and healthy.

Oil level. Make sure you regularly check and keep your oil level at its HIGH or MAX level. It is best to check your oil level on the bikes centre stand or when it is in a level position. An under filled oil level can be disastrous while too much oil over the limit may flood your air cleaner with oil. (it is embarassing too).

You should also know the difference between the ‘low’ level and the ‘high’ level in ml e.g. if the difference is 300ml you cannot purchase a 500ml tin and pour the whole can in!

Here are some pointers regarding oil which are true for most motorcycles

– The bike should be level as possible.
– The oil should best inspected cold and is therefore best done before you go out on a ride.
– Becareful to not allow foreign matter and dirt to fall in during the inspection process
– With threaded dipsticks do not screw the dipstick in when taking a reading, just allow it to rest on the lowest thread.
– High temperatures, time, speed, heavy traffic, short trips and dust quickly destroy the quality of your oil. If you do ride in these conditions change your oil more frequently.
– I suggest changing your oil every 2-4000km or 3-6 months, whichever comes first. (I change mine every 2,500 km).
– It is recommended you change your oil filter everyother oil change if you are using a good quality oil filter (e.g. WIX, Your Motorcycle Manufacturer Brand). If not, every oil change!
– Always use a good oil filter (WIX brand from UAP/NAPA is a recommend one)
– Motorcycles can and do use the same oils as cars although special synthetic motorcycle oils are available. Always use the recommended oil weight for your motorcycle (e.g. 10w40 or 20w50). Older (15+ year old) motorcycles run best on regular (non-synthetic oil), while new bikes like either.

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