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Carburettor maintenance – BABA AUTOMOBILE
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May 20, 2016
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May 20, 2016

Carburettor maintenance

Carburettor maintenance

  1. Turn off fuel valve


  2. Remove the carburettor completely from the engine.

  • The steps to do vary depending on the engine design and model, but typically you need to remove the air filter panel disconnect the governor and fuel line from the carburettor.
  1. Open the carburettor up.

  • Most small engine carburettors have a nut or a screw at the bottom of the carburettor bowl.
  • holding the carburettor over a bucket, remove the screw and take the bowl off.
  • Allow the left over fuel to drain into the bucket.


  1. Pay close attention to the layout of the interior of the carburettor.


  2. Inspect the needle to determine if it stuck or sticking.


  • The needle should move easily and smoothly.
  • The needle is a small bullet-shaped device.
  • It is made out of plastic, although it may also have some aluminium covering it.


  1. If the needle appear to be stuck it needs to be cleaned.

  • Remove it and clean it using a wire brush and either carburettor cleaner or brake cleaner.
  • Replace it and test it.


  1. Spray carburettor cleaner or brake cleaner into all fuel lines throughout the carburettor.


  • Inspect them for any build-up which may block proper flow.


  1. If u have a carburettor tester, use it to test the carburettor.


  2. Reassemble the carburettor and attach it to the engine.


  3. Test the engine to determine if it is functional properly.


  • Remember the carburettor will be fully drained so it may take several seconds for the bowl to fill up with fuel.

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