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Adding new engine oil – BABA AUTOMOBILE
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May 20, 2016
Carburettor maintenance
May 20, 2016

Adding new engine oil

Adding new engine oil

  • Open car engine hood and locate engine oil cover cap on head.

  • Check engine oil by oil gauge.

  • Open engine oil cover.

  • Fill new engine oil the amount you need check in owner manual.

  • Make sure you are adding correct oil.

  • After filling engine oil wait for a minute and check engine oil level again.







  • Replace the fill cap.

  • Start the engine. Watch to be sure the oil pressure light goes to be off after start up.

  • Put your car park or neutral with the parking brake on to check any drips and look carefully under the car to check any leaks or drips.


  • Once the vehicle has been turned off again and the and oil has been settled for 5 to 10 minute. Recheck the dipstick to ensure that the level are where they need to be.

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