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Power Generation in battery Using a Shock Absorber. – BABA AUTOMOBILE
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June 30, 2016
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June 30, 2016

Power Generation in battery Using a Shock Absorber.

Power Generation in battery Using a Shock Absorber.





  • For a smooth and comfortable ride the disturbing forces should be eliminated or reduced considerably by using some devices.
  • Shock absorbers are such devices which isolate the vibrations by absorbing some disturbing energy themselves.
  • Of the many types telescopic shocks are widely used which has got the draw back that the flow of oil in the cylinder can cause foam of oil and air to form.
  • These limit the optimum throughout of the flow in the valves.
  • Gas shocks represent an advance over traditional shocks.
  • Nitrogen filled gas shock absorbers are the results of years of extensive research and development with top flight shock design engineers.
  • They are designed for both lowered and stock vehicles to provide shock absorbers that would out perform anything on the market today.
  • Nitro shock absorbers are high quality, nitrogen filled shocks designed and gas charged specifically for each vehicle application.
  • The addition of nitrogen under pressure limits the foaming effect and increases efficiency.





  • Springs alone cannot provide a satisfactorily smooth ride.
  • Therefore an additional device called a “shock absorber” is used with each spring.
  • Consider the action of a coil spring.
  • The spring is under an initial load provided by the weight of the vehicle.
  • This gives the spring an original amount of compression.
  • When the wheel passes over a bump, the spring becomes further compressed.
  • After the bump is passed the spring attempts to return to its original position.
  • However it over rides its original position and expands too much


Shock absorber

  • A shock absorber is basically a hydraulic damping mechanism for controlling spring vibrations.
  • It controls spring movements in both directions: when the spring is compressed and when it is extended, the amount of resistance needed in each direction is determined by the type of vehicle, the type of suspension, the location of the shock absorber in the suspension system and the position in which it is mounted.
  • Shock absorbers are a critical product that determines an automobile’s character not only by improving ride quality but also by functioning to control the attitude and stability of the automobile body.









Types of shock absorber

Double-wishbone (Multilink)

  1. Double Tube
  2. Single Tube
  • Strut

(a)Double Tube

(b)Inverted Type

(c)With a Steering Arm

  • Separately Mounted Spring (Rigid Axle,etc)

(a)Unit Damper

  • Gas Filled Shock Absorber

(a)Twin-Tube with Low Pressure Gas

(b)Single-Tube with High Pressure Gas


  • To offer a maximum efficiency of battery.
  • To increase the energy conversion rate for charging the battery.
  • To reduce the shock loads (Vibrations) on the bumpy roads.


  • Our Project has main part of electrical armature suspensor because these armatures through mechanical motion convert into electrical energy. This electrical armature output voltage 12v – 1amp dc. It supplies connect with
  • rechargeable battery 12v-100 ah. This battery fully charging for required 36 pedaling hours or depends on discharging level.
  • When vehicle shock absorber pus pull then permanent magnet also follow this mechanical monument between armature coils. Then armature coil and magnet bitewing magnetic repulsion force convert into electrical voltage.
  • These armature dynamos connect with flexible dc cable. It battery D.C. voltage supply connect with engine starter by starter ignition switch.
  • When this switch on by start key then engine will be start and then time tarter work like heavy dc motor and that starter consumption Battery voltage and battery dies charge.



Faraday’s Law:

  • Faraday’s law is applicable to a closed circuit made of thin wire and states that:”The induced electromotive force (EMF) in any closed circuit is equal to the time rate of change of the magnetic flux through the circuit.”Or alternatively:
  • “The EMF generated is proportional to the rate of change of the magnetic flux.”



List of Components:

  • We started our project for we survey some types of using materials for our project. Before we make project collect as per required listing as under material.
  • Suspensor
  • Battery 12v 100 ah
  • Magnet
  • Copper Coil
  • Battery cable
  • Table
  • Led Light
  • Battery connector



  • This paper presents design and finite element analysis of an electromagnetic energy regenerative shock absorber which can efficiently recover the vibration energy wasted in vehicle suspension system.
  • In this paper, design process of electromagnetic energy regenerative shock absorber is explained with due consideration to space limitations in commercial vehicle. A static magnetic analysis is used to analyze magnetic field distribution and to obtain optimum design
  • The overall conclusion of this research work is that it is possible to harvest energy from vehicle vibrations travelling on a bumpy road.




The major goal of the project is to design and analyze the operation of an electric shock absorber.

  • The results obtained from the dynamic simulation of the electric shock absorber with the modified output electric circuit show that the oscillations attenuate to zero after disturbance appears. Therefore, the electric shock absorber modified circuit.
  • The objective of this project is to design a regenerative shock absorber which can harness the energy. In the present work, a regenerative shock absorber is modeled and analysed for emf generated using Ansoft Maxwell and a physical model was built to validate the model.
  • From the above simulation and validation study it is evident that recovering energy from the kinetic energy of shock absorber is very well possible.
  • The simulation results show that by using NdFeB magnets as core material can yield a voltage of 12 V AC
  • But the voltage being generated with the technology demonstrator is very limited to 2 V AC. The reason for this could be using steel as core material.
  • voltage is not sufficient to charge the 12V battery which is used in automobiles.



  • The conventional vehicle suspension dissipates the mechanical vibration energy in the form of heat which waste considerable energy.
  • In conclusion, only combining vibration reducing performance and energy harvesting efficiency can the regenerative suspensions have a promising prospect.
  • Conventionally, the vibration energy of vehicle suspension is dissipated as heat by shock absorber, which wastes a considerable number of resources. Regenerative suspensions bring hope for recycling the wasted energy. All types of regenerative suspension, especially electromagnetic suspension, and their properties are reviewed in this paper.


Energy-Harvesting Shock Absorber with a Mechanical Motion RECTIFIER BY

  • Energy-harvesting shock absorber is able to recover the energy otherwise dissipated in the suspension vibration while simultaneously suppress the vibration induced by road roughness. It can work as a controllable damper as well as an energy generator.
  • An innovative design of regenerative shock absorbers is proposed in this paper, with the advantage of significantly improving the energy harvesting efficiency and reducing the impact forces caused by oscillation.
  • In this paper, we proposed a “motion rectifier” based design of electromagnetic energy harvester for enhanced efficiency and reliability for potential application of vibration energy harvesting from vehicle suspensions. “motion rectifier” can transfer the oscillatory motion of vehicle suspension into unidirectional motion of the electrical generator, thus enabling the generator operating in a relatively steady speed with higher efficiency.

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