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Electric Vehicle Summer Internship 15 Days – BABA AUTOMOBILE

Electric Vehicle Summer Internship 15 Days


Get 7-days Free Access our 7-training Centers Across India free of Cost for Hands on Practical (Validity 3-months after complete this online course)

Why Internship Necessary

Every year lakhs of the Students choose engineering career and pursuing B.Tech but during 4 years program many of them only learn theoretically and scored good percentage but at the time of placement they are rejected in interview by top MNC’s Company because of they only know theoretical concept but how these concepts actually work in practically they don’t know and blame to itself and college. So it’s time to Stop Blaming and thinks about it.

An internship is the best way to enhance the skills and to add experience in a CV. During the internships, freshers and students acquire desired skills and gain experience which they can demonstrate in their resume. Internships help students to build confidence and they learn to adapt company culture.


⦁ Hybrid Electric Vehicle(HEVs)
⦁ Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs)
⦁ Battery Electric Vehicle (BEVs)
⦁ Difference between Power trains of EVs and ICE vehicles
⦁ Lithium — ION Battery
⦁ Charge port
⦁ DC/DC converter:
⦁ Typical power rating of charger
⦁ Electric Hub traction motor
⦁ Motor power and torque calculation
⦁ Thermal Management System –


⦁ Power electronics controller-
⦁  Cooling System in EV (A.C) 
⦁  EV Range.


⦁ Why Cheaper to run
⦁ Why Cheaper to maintain
⦁ Why Better for the environment
⦁ Why Health benefits
⦁ Why Safety improvement
⦁ Why Our Energy Security
⦁ Why Less Pollution
⦁ Why Eco friendly materials

What Factors decrease EV RANGE?

⦁ Aggressive Driving
⦁ Long mountain climbs
⦁ Nonstop high speed
⦁ Strong headwinds
⦁ Extra passenger or luggage weight
⦁ Loss in battery capacity

Ways to increase EV RANGE?

⦁ Driving less aggressively
⦁ City/town driving with more braking
⦁ Driving long descents downhill
⦁ Tailwinds


⦁ Learn an access Online Classes 24×7.
⦁ The electrical vehicle-2 wheeler certification course is a Workshop Integrated Learning Program designed for students or professionals aspire to work or working in automotive, auto-component, design and manufacturing sector and aim to develop the required skills to build and sustain future automobiles.
⦁ The program includes basic to advanced concepts required for developing an Electric Vehicle-2 wheeler.
⦁ All programs are design with current automotive electric vehicle-2 wheeler technologies


⦁ Go to online training.
⦁ Select the “Electric Vehicle Summer Internship 15 Days – Certification Course”.
⦁ Select “Add to cart”.
⦁ Fill the required fields on the form.
⦁ Select your preferred payment gateway.
⦁ Pay the total amount.
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⦁ MSME Registered Company Certification.

⦁Digital certificate send in your given E mail Id and if you want Hard copy Certificate than we will also send it by speed post on your given address. 


What Will I Learn?

  • ⦁ Student get depth practical knowledge about 2 wheeler Electric vehicles
  • ⦁ Student learn what exactly going on in 2 wheeler electric vehicle.
  • ⦁ Student shall get knowledge from top Automobile Experts Lectures.
  • ⦁ Student learn from ELECTRIC BIKE car
  • ⦁ Students get 1 week free Practical training in our Training Center across India.
  • ⦁ Student gets career mentorship Automobile/Electric Energy Field.

Topics for this course

31 Lessons30h

Introduction of Automobile & Electric Vehicle

Introduction of automobile & Electric Vehicle Lesson-11:06:16

Types Of Electric vehicle

Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)

Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)

Hybrid electric Vehicle (HEV)

How I.C Engine Work (OPTIONAL)

Difference between Power trains of EVs and ICE vehicles


Lithium — ION Battery

Quiz Assessment -1

DC Charger

Electric Hub traction motor

Honda city Car Engine Practical Session (Optional)

Electric Vehicle Front Wheel Drive Session – 27

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Final Assessments

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I am glad to participate in BABA online internship.

All relevant technologies and concept are delivered very accurately. I am very enthusiastic throughout the training it is all because of the good enthusiastic trainers. All experience is very good and lots of knowledge about the different technology of automobiles.

Good training institute for automobile training.

This course was clearly designed to cater the needs of those mechanical engineers who wanted to learn and develop their knowledge in the field of electric vehicles. I personally has a really good time In this course and would like to thank the instructor for such detailed explanation and easy videos

Very clear video lectures

Great video lectures.

Good platform for online learning. Highly experienced teachers.

Only platform which connects engineering students with their respective dreams regarding automobile

Nicely explained... Concept clear is also good with animations lectures.

Very good for online internship training

nice courses

Best Training Session and lectures are given by Faculty is good Experience about automobile sector training is online and I recommend to those who want learn the new way of learning to groww the skill by it
Thank you

Best platform to learn about automobile

easily understandable and knowledgeable video lectures

Good explanation and working experience

Nice explain

Excellent explanation with animated videos during lectures.

Nice explanation and good experience with hands-on with automobile

Explanation was well and good.

Best and perfect place for online training regarding automobiles

Well explained everything about every topic with deep knowledge .

My internship experience is very rewarding. I have learnt something more and extra about E-vehicle.
Very good informative session

Nyc explanation

i enjoyed here so much with friendly behavior of the faculty of this hub.

Its a very good place to learn about automation and technology development in Automobiles... And also its a very beneficial experience for Mechanical engineers & Automobile engineers (including Aerospace engineering).... Faculties are very capable and helpful & there is a variety of machines related to automation hardware and automobile systems.... Definitely worth it to get experience.....
thank u so much....

Best place for getting practical knowledge about cars and technologies, highly experienced trainers, worth doing intersnship in baba automobile..

Provide training for mechanical students in there core field with deep knowledge in Automobiles industries to get hands on.

Nice online internship and good explanation

All topics are clearly expained with animations. Gives complete information about electric vehicles.

My experience with baba automobile is good

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Nice center to learn and hands-on with the automobiles.

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Learning experience is good, I recommend those peoples who want join in industry training

Good explanation

Good presentation of animations and lectures.

Good place to learn,This company peoples are very responsible.

Love and affection they are very responsible towards students.
I am from Hyderabad and BABA AUTOMOBILES is purely practical.Perfect place for online training regarding automobile with certificate.soonly iam expecting baba automobiles training center in hyderabad.

Must join

Perfect place for online training regarding automobile with certificate

Best Training Company for mechanical student. Good Video Lecture with Practical Demonstration.
Thank you sir



  • Access to Smart Phone / Computer
  • ⦁  Good Internet Speed (Wifi/3G/4G)
  • ⦁  Good Quality Earphones / Speakers
  • ⦁  Basic Understanding of English
  • ⦁  Dedication & Confidence to Learn and clear any Interview
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